It’s TOTALLY like Parcheesi {You know, but not}

I was having a chat with a gal on Twitter this morning about being home and naked. Mind you she mentioned it was a stay at home and be naked day, not me. Because every and I do mean EVERY time the hubbins and I have tried this (and I mean just wandering the house naked no sexy times) someone has turned up at the door. Isn’t this why people have cell phones, to call before just dropping over? Apparently not.

But this got me to thinking about other times you might you know what to be naked (aka sexy times). Which somehow took me back to my days in college. Random I know, but allow me to explain. Whenever one of my friends would have a boyfriend over we’d always say they were “playing Parcheesi” as a valid reason why they weren’t with the rest of us hanging out. Because when we were 17/18 years old sex and Parcheesi were two difficult things for us to master. For the record I STILL don’t know how to play Parcheesi. The other thing, I’ve figured it out, thanks.

Seriously how the hell do you play this game??
Seriously, how the hell do you play this game??

So anyway…let’s just say my hubbins and I were attempting a game o’Parcheesi when the door bell rang two weeks ago. And we MIGHT have been right by the front door. We both were looking like deer in the headlights. I mean it could have been anyone. Anyone turned out to be a high school kid selling newspaper subscriptions in order to win a scholarship. How do I know you ask? Because like a couple of teenagers we made ourselves presentable and ANSWERED THE DOOR. It seemed like the polite thing to do. And yes we signed up for the newspaper. Which I might add still hasn’t turned up! So if this was an elaborate way to earn monies off people, kudos to you kid.

For the record this one I get.
For the record this one I get.

I have no idea why I told all you strange people this. Probably because my hubbins bet me  I would in no way do it. Well, jokes on him isn’t it? Or is it? Oh well, happy Sunday or Monday depending on where you are in the world.

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