Momma always said…if you can’t say something nice…

So I FINALLY headed back to the gym tonight after work. I knew it was going to hurt. But not like this…

I was on my way to the stationary bike when I see this large dude heading my way. So I do the polite thing and say excuse me to get out of his way. His response was to mutter something not so nice about my assumed sexuality under his breath. To even my surprise my response went like this “You know I didn’t assume you were an asshole when I saw you.” And what did he say NOTHING.

Which was good because he was a big guy and I’m not a very big gal. But it did lead to a pretty amazing bike ride. Mostly because I was so furious that he would assume that short hair defined anything about me. In reality I like to sleep late and short hair looks good on me. I his reality it defined who I slept with/lived with. Boy was my husband surprised to find that out!

Sigh, I hope some day we can get past judging one another. Hopefully in my lifetime, but I’m not holding my breath.

Also I make this look good people!

I'm freaking adorable and I make this work!
I’m freaking adorable!

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