A date night {Of sorts}

Not much to report this evening from my little slice of the planet. My husband was out most of the day doing stuff and things. So I was home being a loser in my pj’s for a better part of the day. Some days you just need a pj day. This was mine.

But he was good enough to stop off and get me some of those t-sac bags at a shop on his way home. This was a big deal because I am a tea hound and he didn’t want to mess it up. He’s so good to me. Hubbins even called to make sure he was getting me the right thing and to ask if I wanted to go out when he got home.

In fact I did. I wanted to go to the mall to get a cast iron tea pot and cups as a “congrats on the first pay check” gift to myself. Which he was all for. Awesome! So I went into a store I despise as they are pushy and bought what I wanted and got out as soon as I could (I looked ahead online before we went out). Then we went to dinner which was a bigger surprise to me, but most welcome!

We tried a few places at the mall…I really wanted a dirty martini. What can I say I watched all of season 5 of Mad Men this week! But the wait was well over an hour anywhere in the mall. So we hit the road and after several tries finally found a place that could seat us in 2 minutes! I finally got my martini (which was not as awesome as it would have been at place number one) and hubbins got the burger he was after.

On the way home I picked up the fixings for root beer floats…because sometimes it’s that kind of night!

Did I mention I went out wearing this?

I got a few looks of approval.
I got a few looks of approval.

I’ve got the usual humor for you kids tomorrow. But for now my root beer float is calling.


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