Not just for men…

A few days ago while I was up in the office typing away I hear my hubbins call me from downstairs.

Hubbins: Hey, you should come here.

Me: Why, I’m busy…trying to write here…

Hubbins: Yeah great. You need to smell the cat!

Me: I don’t think I want to do that.

I hear him running up the stairs at break neck speeds. Then he appears in the office with said cat, the oldest Ty. I mean really I don’t want to smell him. I can only think he got into the trash or worse maybe shit his fur like his sister did a few weeks ago.

Hubbins: You don’t get it…he smells good!

Ok, now I’m curious. So I take a sniff of the cat. Ty seems pretty chilled out about the whole thing. And I’ll be damned, but he smells GOOD! Usually he smells like cat breath and litter dust. But this was something else.

Hubbins: I think he got into your perfume.

Not unless he can open a medicine cabinet and open the container AND spray himself… I take a few more sniffs of him. Then it hits me.

Me: NO, I think he got into that Axe body spray our niece got you for Christmas last year.

Hubbins: You know I think you might be right. Weird.

Now usually I HATE the smell of that stuff. But on Ty, well apparently it isn’t just for men. Now it seems cats can use it too. In fact our other two female cats were all up in his business for the next three days. It was pretty amusing. Trouble is we can’t seem to find where the bottle he got into is. My guess is he’s hiding it for a night out on the town. (Shame he’s an indoor cat.)

"What can I say...the ladies love me."
“What can I say…I’ve got IT.”

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4 thoughts on “Not just for men…”

  1. Ooh, the commercials have the ladies all OVER the men that use Axe. Look out, Ty! The ladies are going to go crazy for you!

    Side note: I smelled that once at the store and totally gagged. I don’t think I would be all over anyone who smelled that way. Blergh.

    1. I am not a fan of it either…. Unless it happens to be on my cat apparently. I don’t mean that in a gross way…more like he usually smells like he totally rolled in the litter box all day way. So this is a small step up way.

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