Fresh Start

I’m off of work today for two reasons. I needed a break and I’d have to leave by noon anyway. I still love my job. But sometimes you need some time for you. This is that time. Also the lady crush post is totally in the works…so chill out.

Also one appointment is all about finding out why I can’t carry a pregnancy past 6.5 weeks. For those keeping score at home we’re up to three. Which also means we now need to consult a specialist. At this point in time I want to just find out if we can even have our own kids or if we should start looking for adoption agencies. Trisomy 16 was the cause of the last one (the kid had 3 of chromosome 16). Possibly the cause of all of them. So I guess I also wanted to prep myself for this visit.

Like that wasn’t enough I’m also heading to the eye doc right after. Partly to check out if my eye is healing after I scratched the crap out of my cornea. The other is to check on the sort of double vision in my left eye. When it rains it pours kids. So there may not be a post tonight as it seems to take longer and longer to get my eyes back to normal after dilating them. Good times. Even better times…I might have to have surgery again.

So you might be wondering what this “Fresh Start” I’m on about is. Well, I’ve been trying to eat better and go to the gym and all that. So I went to the gym once last week – hey it was a start. I’ve also been meaning to start making my own smoothies. I’m pretty sure the smoothies you can pay through the nose for buy at the market are great, but not as fresh as making your own.

Last night I bought a whole munch of fruits and veggies to make into yummy smoothies for myself. This morning I was throwing caution to the wind and tossed the following into my food processor: (we don’t have a proper blender yet) carton of raspberries, a few blueberries, a leaf of kale, 3 kiwis, cocoa, almond milk, and a shake or four of cinnamon. It looks pretty gross.


But damn was it tasty! Still is as I’m still drinking it down!

Just thought I’d post SOMETHING while I can still see…of all the things I hate most about an eye doc appointment eye dilating is numero uno! “See” you later.

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