Finding the helpers in the strangest places

I haven’t felt much like writing this week. For obvious reasons. I was glued to social media as events unfolded Monday through Friday. Social media you might ask? Indeed, I found more truthful information there than I did via the news. Probably because there used to be over 40 news outlets, we’re now down to something like six! That my friends is pretty sad and allows for a lot of error. But that’s also my opinion and not fact. Just to clarify ya know.

Anyway, I recalled checking in on things via Twitter as I was sitting in the waiting room for appointment one. At this point the race had maybe been going on for half an hour. But then I had to turn my phone off because they have some crazy rule no phone on at all…not even vibrate. Sure ok, fine. So it wasn’t until I was sitting in the waiting room at appointment two that I found out that anything horrible had happened.

That news came to me via Amanda Palmer (of Dresden Dolls fame and famous on her own too). She lives in Boston and was tweeting what was happening in her awesome city. But not only that, she was asking her fans and everyone really to name their sources for news. Something I doubt the “real” media was doing that day. But Amanda Palmer did more than that. She connected people, calmed people, and was just there for us. Like we were for her. Example? Sure I have one. You see she’s married to author Neil Gaiman (I know talk about awesome couple right).

Well, at the time her husband was in the UK doing book related things and she couldn’t reach him because cell lines were swamped. So she took to twitter to reach out. Within an hour or so she was able to connect with him. Behold the power of social media. But she didn’t stop comforting and helping all of us out there. In fact she helped so much she hit a twitter block of sorts and was kicked for an hour before she could post again.

When I noticed she was back she was asking if anyone would be interested in two minutes of silence for the victims? The response was a resounding YES! So at 9pm we had our moment of silence for those we lost and those injured Monday. After the two minutes were up this photo below and another appeared on Twitter and Tumblr:

(Source: Amanda Palmer - )
(Source: Amanda Palmer – )

She was right. Even if she knows it or not SHE is one of those good people.

One of the helpers. Now I know there were other helpers that day and week. Namely the Boston PD, FBI, etc. They really are an amazing group of helpers. My hats off to them for their service this week. Truly above and beyond.

For me, hearing Palmer’s encouraging words and outpouring of love to her followers on Twitter was an amazing act of helping and love. It certainly was and is refreshing in this day and age. Thank you Amanda Palmer for helping me keep it together last week. Thank you Boston PD for not giving up. Thank you to folks who took pictures of the suspects. Thank you to those that turned back towards the danger to help the injured. Thank you all for restoring my faith in humanity a little more last week.

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