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I bit the bullet today and bought the premium bundle from WordPress. I’d been wanting to do this for some time and after talking to our web developer at work I figured it was now or never. So let me know if the comments what you think of the new color and other things. I’ll be looking at ways to tweak the new home as I develop the look and feel here more. Ideally I’d love to connect with someone who would be amazing enough to work with me on the cheap to do a fun layout (css, color, etc). Pretty please?

Of course before I dropped the cash on this I asked my husband. Yes he sighed at first, but did give me his blessing. However, I’m sure this will cost me a game of Parcheesi at some point…and I have to say I am OK with that.

In other news a big thank you to all the awesome responses I got in likes here on yesterday’s post as well as comments over on the Facebook page, and Twitter messages and tweets too. You guys are really something else! Don’t ever change who you are. But you probably should change your underwear and things like that…just saying.

I’ll leave you with this Spring/Summer refresher I came up with on the fly this afternoon…I call it the Orange Blackberry Fizz (yes the name needs work).

What you’ll need:

1/2 cup of crushed ice

4 Blackberries (rinsed and cut in half)

1/2 cup Orangina (it’s a real thing)

A splash or four of cranberry juice cocktail

1 shot of Goldschlager

Throw all this in a large enough glass. Give it a stir and enjoy! It didn’t sound like my best idea at the time. But I must tell you it is pretty darn tasty.

You should go make one...
You should go make one…

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