Late night posting

As I write this I can hear the sound of flesh being torn from limbs…which means my husband is watching The Walking Dead. Well, I HOPE that’s what’s going on. If not this might be the shortest post ever…

Nope it is the TV, I can hear the theme music. Crisis averted (Fact for some reason I thought that word was spelled overted – see what happens when I try to get fancy? That’s right I need to use google when the red line of WRONG shows up.). So we’re not going to die in a freak zombie apocalypse. Which is awesome because I have a three day weekend!

The only not awesome part about this whole weekend happens tomorrow around 1pm. I’m going in for some crazy Ultrasound/X-ray thing where in a balloon and then a little while later dye are shot into lady town and photographed. Please note this was the cliff note version of the procedure. The office claims it isn’t as painful as when other places do this. Right so I’m taking the 4 Advil for shits and giggles right?

I’m going to guess no…I’m taking it because this will be unpleasant. Well, it had better not keep me from my dinner out later in the evening. Anyway, they do this test to check to make sure there are no abnormalities, growths, etc within lady town. Obviously I’m hoping to get out of there in a timely fashion and with a clear bill of health. We shall see.

Other than that I and dinner I have a whole lot of relaxing, writing, and laundry (so much laundry) to do this weekend. I really could not be happier. Well, if someone else did the laundry I’d be thrilled. But we can’t always get what we want.

I’m also up way past my bedtime. So I should probably go do that. But first a picture of a cat.

This was taken this morning. He was waiting for his cheese coated thyroid meds.
This was taken this morning. He was waiting for his cheese coated thyroid meds.

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