Oh for f’s sake!

Today was my well needed and well deserved day off. It was also procedure day. My fantastic hubbins took me to the appointment and let me tell you this was the first time I was taken in right away. But that’s because I was on the “surgical side of the house”. This was good as I had places I wanted to be. Like not there.

In I went and everything that was going to happen during this procedure was explained to me in DETAIL. I did not need the graphic picture painted. It was moderately painful. But nothing worse than one might expect on the worst day of their “friends” visit. The ladies know what I’m talking about here.

And apparently I have beautiful fallopian tubes. Good to know, wonder if I can put that one on my resume? Hands down that has to be the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to me. Yet it made me fell pretty good. I’m weird we’ve covered this numerous times.

After the scan came the ultrasound which involved more dye and a little more discomfort and not so great news. It looks as though there might be some scaring on my uterus. Seriously?? Yes, which means another more invasive (go to hospital, take a sleepy time cocktail and wake-up in recovery) procedure. This one will allow them to really see what the problem is. Odds are what he saw is scar tissue. If it’s there when they go in, they remove it. Good times.

But the good news is there is something they can do about it. Bad news is more time off from work and more discomfort. The rest of the weekend I will FINALLY be working on a new story idea. However, tonight I’m off to dinner and tea tasting with friends. To end this on an awesome note I’ll leave you with some pictures of my cats. Happy weekend!

Allie striking her usual pose of pissed off.
Allie striking her usual pose of pissed off.
...and Georgia being scared of life.
…and Georgia being scared of life.

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