Sock suckers, Sunday, and where the hell are my Harry Potter DVD’s?

Once again my weekend has gone by in a flash. I don’t really have a lot to show for it. Aside from the beautiful fallopian tubes, tea tasting, and seeing Iron Man 3 Friday night. Saturday I finally mailed out some pen pal letters – sorry for the delay there people. Oh I also got LOST in the town I live in, thank a lot iPhone maps. Yeah I’ve since downloaded Google Maps. Because having a panic attack downtown in public is so not good times.

In fact I was still shaking when I got home. I’m pretty sure this freaked out our middle cat, Allie, who hasn’t left me along since I walked in the door Saturday. She’s a good kitty even if the rest of the time she’s trying to kill me. She’s one of those I’m-going-to-flop-right-in-front-of-you-in-the-dark cats. Oh and I also made amazing brownies yesterday.

Yeah that totally happened!
Yeah that totally happened!

I wasn’t sure about mixing the chili chocolate with the gluten free brownie mix. I mean the whole gluten free thing is what worried me. Plus I did not want to screw up a baking experiment with good chocolate. Let’s be real here, good chocolate is a horrible thing to waste.

But folks on Twitter and Facebook assured me it should turn out awesome. What do you know they were right! The only problem I had, was that I didn’t use enough chocolate in the batter. Not to worry I have a plan to bake some chocolate chili cupcakes tonight!

Now my mouth is watering, awesome. Did I mention I just ate too? Yeah the oddest tea/food pairing combo to date…shrimp mei fun and a cup of decaf chai tea. Don’t judge that stuff was awesome. Also that tea has a whole lot of cinnamon going on in it. Which makes me think it would be great iced with a little touch of liquid gold. Let’s be clear I’m not talking this:

Seriously those commercials are a little asinine. Which I guess was the point. Right, I’m talking about Goldschläger! Fun fact, I’ve googled this enough that when I type in gol, it happens to come up first in any and all Google searches. Anyway, I think it would taste pretty yummy in this tea. Of course I could be horribly mistaken. But I’m willing to give it a go.

So once again Sunday is here and I didn’t do nearly enough book work. Part of that is due to the fact that I have no idea where the hell all my Harry Potter DVD’s are! I’ve looked through all the movie bins/boxes and nothing. Movies 1-4 are missing! I don’t have the others yet. But why do I need them? Well, I might be basing the mannerisms of my main dude off of one of the Marauders, might so I need the movie to remind me of them. BUT I have no idea where they are. I sure hope they’re here in the house because I really don’t want to purchase them again.

Oddly enough I think I just remembered where they are…my mother has them. Let’s just give her a call to be sure. Yep Mom is pretty sure she has them and also that I’m weirder than ever. I see it as a win win. Whatever. This still doesn’t help me as she’s 45 minutes away and I don’t drive. But at least I know they’re safe.

IMG_0577I guess I’ll just try to muddle through without them. Meanwhile enjoy this photo of a bunnies butt as it hopped through our yard and into the neighbors.

Oh and the sock sucker thing? That has to do with a certain Ty (aka Tyrion Laniscat) who somehow finds my husbands clean socks and carries them throughout the house while trying to meow. I’ve caught him at it twice this weekend. But I have NO idea where he’s getting the socks from! Ah the mystery of cat ownership servitude.

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