I’ll be under this here rock…

I’ve been meaning to blog this week. But it seems I’ve contracted some weird mix of cold/flu. I won’t go into the graphic details. It is really gross people. But know this, I pretty much want to crawl into a hole and die. That is how gross I feel.

I will also share this with you (consider it my personal PSA)…it started as what I thought was allergies. This is also what my minions at work said they had through stuffy noses and coughing. What this turned out to be is a strange cold/flu thing that keeps you from going to work, getting out of bed, and going to play DnD. That’s right I play and it’s fun.

But seeing as I didn’t want to pass my germs on to anyone I chose to be responsible. Which meant staying home with the kitties. While at home I watched a whole lot of Bones and ate one gluten free pizza and some other assorted goodies. Not that I should have had anything, but I was hungry and it was the easiest thing to make.

Now here I sit Saturday night still feeling like death, but forcing myself to write something. I do take comfort in knowing I’m not the only blogger feeling like le death this evening. In fact this blogger lives (I’m guessing) not far from me in real life. But we’ve never met in real life. Anyway her blog is called Lucy’s Football she is very funny (read it), you can read her post on the subject of her illness here.

To not end this on a yuck note I give you a cat picture or two.

Georgia is a good kitty when mommy is sick.
Georgia is a good kitty when mommy is sick.
Cat in a tub...THAT is funny stuff. Well, the look on his face amuses me...
Cat in a tub…THAT is funny stuff. Well, the look on his face amuses me…
Sleepy Allie, little ball of claws...
Sleepy Allie, little ball of claws…

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2 thoughts on “I’ll be under this here rock…”

  1. None of your posts have shown up in my reader for the longest time, I just found out. What the hell? Annoying.

    I’m sorry. This sickness is just the worst. And I hate that it pretended to be allergies. It did that to me for almost a week. Then finally Friday at work I realized that coughing until my ribs ached and fever were not going to be explained away by allergies. This is like a hybrid death-flu. Gross.

    1. Hmm, it could also be I haven’t posted in a while…

      Yes mine pretended to be allergies until Thursday night. I felt this wash of heat and gross come over me and I knew I would be spending Friday in bed. I’ve now got the added headache bonus. Yuck. I think you hit it spot on with hybrid death-flu. Eh feel better.

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