No, not dead…complete with sickness, cats, and stuff

Yes I’m alive. It has not been a good week for my health. I stayed home last Friday figuring I would totally feel better come Monday. I even took ALL the  over the counter cold meds. But NO it was worse come Monday. How worse? Well, I had to head off to the land of urgent care. Where when you arrive when they open at 5pm…you don’t actually get seen until an hour later. Total bullshit right there kids. (I’m sorry, but it happens to be true.)

But the doc there was nice enough to give me the magic of cold meds with codeine! Plus other assorted meds. AND a note to stay home from work! I actually didn’t know they did that these days. So I took it and I slept. But come Wednesday I was still not feeling amazing. So I stayed home yet another day. Being home is NOT all you might think it is when you are over the age of 17. I was bored! Sure I slept a lot.

This guy kept me ALL the company!
This guy kept me ALL the company!

Seriously it was like having a dog! Which was awesome because he didn’t need to go for a walk! So Ty and I hung out a lot while I was home. It was pretty awesome of him. I then tried to make my return to work on Thursday…that lasted to 11:30am. I took the bus home (story for another time), ate, and promptly passed out.

But today I made it the WHOLE day. Yay me! And now, now my stomach has opted to revolt against me…on pizza night of all nights! This is seriously not cool. Looks like I’ll be having pasta tonight…booo.

But that’s what’s been doing in my neck of the woods this week. Glamorous I know. But I promise regular posts will pick back up. In good time.

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