Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs… {Part 1}

Yes, the title of this here set of posts happens to be from one of my favorite movies…Die Hard. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Let’s back track a little. Way back in September at a work conference KatyDid* and I got to hang out. Usually we only saw one another on video meeting chats for work. So it was great to meet her in person. She’s a really lovely person and we hit it off right away. While at the conference one of us mentioned we should have a girls weekend. No talk of work, or anything remotely sounding like work. Sure we both thought it sounded great. But as usual life totally got in the way.

Until a few weeks ago. Ok Maybe March. We got to chatting on Twitter and again mentioned the girls weekend idea. The next thing you know a date was set and I had train tickets! I would be off to Marblehead, MA on Memorial Day weekend. It would be awesome. But, as with any form of travel, there were a few bumps along the way.

First off there were the women on my train to NYC who apparently thought they were sitting a train car apart. In reality they were right next to and across from one another. I just wanted to sleep! Then there was the usual close to two hour layover in NYC. I don’t really mind it…LOTS of people watching to be had there. Then of course there was my little spectacle. Word to the wise don’t sit on your luggage unless you happen to be straddling it. Why? Well, yo might end up FLAT ON YOUR ASS like I did. With all of Penn station turning to look at you. Not my proudest moment, but memorable.

This was post ass falling.
This was post ass falling.

Then of course there was the joy of the horde rush when the track was announced. Take it easy people the train isn’t going to get there any faster if you get on it first! Instead you are probably just going to annoy me and others around you who actually tried to form some kind of line to board. True story.

I settled in for the long trip out to Boston.
I settled in for the long trip out to Boston.

I somehow managed to snag the last window seat in my car. Five minutes later and I would hav been stuck on the aisle…not my most favorite place on the train. The trip out was pretty smooth and somewhat quiet. I had a seat mate who worked the whole way from NYC to Boston. I felt bad as I nodded off at one point and hoped like hell I didn’t snore. If I did she didn’t say a word about it. Thank you nice lady.

Said nice lady even offered to help me navigate the MTA. Which I found super comforting as nothing tends to give me more anxiety than trying to navigate a new transit system. But it turned out she had to work a little more in the station, but she pointed me in the somewhat right direction. Meaning she told me to take a left when I should have taken a right. No harm done there. Because I happened to get on the next train which got me to the second train in record time. Hell I even caught the earlier commuter train. I don’t know how, but somehow I did and my anxiety passed as I knew I was almost there.

I arrived at the train station my phone chose to call Swamp Scotch…it happens to be called Swampcott. Oddly enough KatyDid found my autocorrect to be awesome as Swampscott is the rival of Marblehead…at least in terms of high school sports. One point to you phone. So there I was and there was no KatyDid, she didn’t forget me, in fact she was only five minutes away. In no time she pulled in to the station and we were off on a weekend of fun!

First stop was home to drop my gear and use the much needed restroom! Plus I also was able to meet Leo who was awesome enough to let me crash with him and his mom.

He's a sweet little ball of fur.
He’s a sweet little ball of fur.

At first he wasn’t sure what to make of me. But then he must have caught the cat servitude vibe from me and we were fast friends. Once I was settled in we were off for some of the best damn chowdah I’ve ever had. Not to mention the tasty virgin bloody mary too! After dinner I got a mini tour of Marblehead and a stop off a a pretty sweet specialty type market. I even made my first purchase!

Photo thanks to KatyDid!
Photo thanks to KatyDid!

After that it was back home to relax, have a little wine, and laugh until my face hurt. And that friend was just my first half day in Marblehead! Stay tuned for parts 2-4!


*I never use peoples full names, you know that.

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