And DON’T Feed Them After Midnight!

You all know the movie…I know you do. But you might be wondering what the hell it has to do with this particular post. Well, I’ll tell you. Keep your pants on, please!

I’m having surgery tomorrow. Ok, so? I’m getting there… I have to be at the hospital at 11:00am. See it yet? The surgery is not until 12:30pm and I can’t eat a thing after midnight tonight or I’ll go from this….

So sweet and harmless. Right? (Source
So sweet and harmless. Right? (Source

To this….

Holy sh!t! (Source
Holy sh!t! (Source

Oddly enough I think I’m more likely to turn into the above when tomorrow comes and I haven’t had a thing to eat since 10:00pm the night before. But hey what to I know? I much prefer 7:00am start times. Sigh.

The procedure you ask? Very minor and not quite ready to be shared. Mostly because I find it best not to tempt fate to kick me in the balls I don’t have. Sorry to be so frank, but I feel it is best to play this one cool in the hopes that what’s found is what they expect to find and that’s what I’m keeping my fingers crossed for.

In reality I will be so dopped up from the MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care) sleep I won’t have any idea what the hell is going on until I wake up. Which is FINE by me, thank you VERY much. Seriously when the anesthesiologist typically has shown up to recent surgeries my response has been “Are you hear with my cocktail?” This usually makes us both more comfortable…well, it makes me more comfortable. So that’s what matters right? You bed.

Now that we’ve come to the point where I’ve started to ramble…it must mean it’s time for me to raid the fridge. I’ve got an hour and 40 minutes to go! So wish me luck and I will try to post while I’m home resting up the next few days. Even if it’s only to tell you all I’m still alive.


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2 thoughts on “And DON’T Feed Them After Midnight!”

  1. Be well. All the luck. (I had surgery a few years ago, and yes, that was the worst. Because I was nervous. And when I’m nervous, I want to snack. But I couldn’t. Dammit.)

    1. Thank you friend. It really is minor (you know until it isn’t) so I will hopefully be home on the couch tomorrow before too long. But yes like you when I get nervous I want to snack!!

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