Better Living Via Chemistry

My procedure/surgery went off without a hitch on Tuesday. Some scar tissue was found, removed, and sent off to pathology. Hopefully I won’t hear anything about it! Eventually I was sent home after keeping ginger ale and crackers down and of course proving that my plumbing was working properly.

I don’t recall much from the ride home, just the fact that my doctor thought Advil and Tylenol would work on my pain. Little side note…asking what your pain is like an hour after you wake up from anesthesia is not going to give you a true picture of pain. At the time I said I was at a 5. Which is right where you should be. HOWEVER, fast forward to their follow-up call at 11am the next morning…yeah my pain was at an 8! This is not good.

Another fun fact…when you can’t get the IV going the first time ask someone else to help!

Like OW!! (attempt 1)
Like OW!! (attempt 1)

Seriously I was about to punch the nurse in the face when she got “stuck” on attempt 2!

And who puts IV's in the crook of the elbow?? I mean really?!
And who puts IV’s in the crook of the elbow?? I mean really?!

Needless to say I now have some good drugs to help with recovery and the rest of the week off from work. Boo! I’m not happy about this, but it is what it is and I need to recover. So there we are.

Anyway…time home has been spent with snuggles from the cats, catching up on Bones (about time you two!), and a whole lot of sleep. Speaking of sleep I feel the pain creeping back in, which means the last round of meds are just about out of time. Seems time to set the laptop aside and ready for a nice nap!

This guy is such a love bug. He's pretty pawsome when I don't feel well!
This guy is such a love bug. He’s pretty pawsome when I don’t feel well!

/end rant

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