Black Birds Fly…

We’ve been enjoying the weekend with the Niece so far. We went to a local amusement park early this afternoon with her and friends D and K and their daughter B. Then headed out for eats before coming home to crash before it was time for my fourth tattoo.

If you’ve followed the blog you know of my baby carrying troubles. So I give you this…

Stunning work!
Stunning work!

The three black birds represent my three lost babies I never got to hold. The fourth bird is colored purple. That one is for the Niece as she is like a daughter to me and always in my heart as are the little ones I never met…hence the “Always”. My wonderful tattoo artist Ms Retro Dixie mentioned she hopes to be adding more colored birds to my arm and less black birds in the future. I agreed…as that is the plan.

I apologize a little for the shall we say sappy post tonight. But there it is.

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