Right, let me think about that…uh NO.

Today was spent doing what I wanted to do. Which apparently meant watching a whole lot of Lie to Me. It was a short lived series on Fox staring Tim Roth. I loved the show which is why they canceled it I’m sure. Anyway I also had one of those pesky doctors appointments in the middle of said day off.

This was a follow up visit for my procedure done earlier this month. With the fertility doc. They say everything looks great, and yet felt the need to add on “but you know there could be a problem with your eggs.” Right sure I do. Because their suggestion to check that out is IVF. Which I have told them at every visit is not going to happen. Besides the issue is not getting in the family way it happens to be staying that way. Needless to say that visit left me $40 lighter and my mood not the best when I left.

So the plan my hubbins and I are subscribing to is…just keep doing what we’re doing for now. If it happens awesome if not, well there are other options that don’t involve procedures our insurance doesn’t cover.

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