Holy HOT

I like summer as much as the next guy or gal. But this heat is a killer. Seriously! I’ve had two migraines since Wednesday! Mind you I haven’t had a nasty migraine since umm well its been so long I don’t actually recall when the last one was before these TWO! To top it all off this is my birthday month! And I have been miserable from the migraines, not cool weather, not cool.

I’m half tempted to go buy a little kiddie pool and plunk myself down in it for the rest of the weekend. It is that hot here. So you something tasteful…


How AWESOME would this be? It even looks like it has a place to keep my wine! I should make this happen. Yet somehow I don’t think the hubs will go for it. Instead I will probably creep off to the airconditioned bedroom for another afternoon nap a little later.

To be followed by a screening of Empire Strikes Back this evening on the back porch. Mind you the version we’ll be watching is on VHS. Yup none of that remastered crap in this house! But that will need to happen around 9pm or so. When it gets cooler and by cooler I mean 80. Cute right? Yep this heat sucks.

And when it does rain it only makes it worse. I’ll try to stop whining soon. But the heat has really been messing with my joints lately and not in a good way. Sigh…anyway, enjoy the weekend and have a kitty…

He's pretty warm too.
He’s pretty warm too.

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