Rainy Days and Squirbos

Today has been a roller coaster of sun and rain. Not that I mind because at least the rain has cooled things off for once. Finally. I know people were bitching about the rain a few weeks ago…because it was with us forever, but I think we were due for a little break from the heat. But that’s just me.

The Hubbins and I spent our four days off very low-key. Him in his hammock chair outside enjoying nature. Me inside far away from the damn ticks. I got the Lyme disease once and that was enough thank you very much! So I’ve been watching Supernatural on Netflix and the jury is still out on how I feel about it. But I am on Season 1. I hear it gets better as the show moves on. Let’s hope so Supernatural, let’s hope so.

We also broke out a VHS player. Yup you read that right! Why? Well, we wanted to watch the original Star Wars movies without all that new additional crap. Thanks for that George. So lucky for us I happened to have a copy of the trilogy that I borrowed from my Mom. Borrowed around 15 years ago….yeah she isn’t getting them back. Sorry mom. (Bet you didn’t even know they we missing.)


We watched them all in two evenings. I have to say they sure are timeless. I’ve also found  a new appreciation for Empire Strikes Back…who knew. Either way we enjoyed ourselves a lot and have made a pledge to watch them all at least once a year. I refuse to watch 1-3…no thanks George. No thanks.

Today was spent watching the rain roll in followed by the sun over and over. Hubbins finally caught a break and headed outside for a little reading in the hammock. While I again opted to enjoy the great indoors and the internets. No ticks here kids. Then the rain finally came along with a loud boom that sounded like it hit the house! Kid you not I damn near wet myself it was that loud and that close!

I had just been minding my business watching this guy when the rains came.
I had just been minding my business watching this guy when the rains came.

So now I’m back to sweating because I’m sitting in front of three windows that I can’t open due to the rain. Figures doesn’t it? The Hubbins tells me I have a great view…yes of rain soaked windows…thank you, that’s very helpful.

This also happened because you know he's the boss and I'm only here because he lets me live here....
This also happened because you know he’s the boss and I’m only here because he lets me live here….

Enjoy your Sunday. Hopefully it’s cool where you are.

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