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Allow me to apologize for the lack of posting this last week. I posted once…but the heat really killed my desire to sit and type at the computer to all you fine people. So allow me to recap the week for you. IT WAS HOT! As in, in the 90’s almost 100 degrees hot. Let me tell you friends that is not at all normal for Upstate NY ever. It was the kind of heat where the moment you got out of the shower…you felt you needed another. Gross.

So I was basically sitting in front of the fan most nights after work. I did score dinner with Red Monday or Tuesday night this week. She is quite the pisser and a damn good time. We share one of those special bonds of being the oldest siblings in our respective families. Which means we’ve got “war” stories of being the better child to share and bond over with one another. Plus the sushi was delicious and the frozen yogurt was even better!

Wednesday is a blur of more heat…I was ready to climb into the freezer by this point mid-week. I was thankful for the a/c in the bedroom, but the next house is going to have central air…I care not how much that will cost. I’m going to make it happen or move somewhere cooler. Which it looks like we’re running out of – quickly.

On Thursday evening I stayed home thinking I would have plans for the evening while the Hubbins headed to his folks house. Turns out those fell through and I was home alone with the cats. Who I might add were probably hotter than I. BUT we do have a cat door into our bedroom so they can get to the a/c. Sadly one middle kitty is not that swift. She sat herself in the hottest rooms in the house this week and whined the entire time. I had no sympathy for this. She knew where the cool was.

So the cats and I “chilled” (ha). I wrote and they whined or slept. I really enjoyed myself. Somehow I even managed to stay up until the Hubbins came home and as a result went to bed very late and slept poorly. But I did win a bet that that would happen and scored a dollar out of the deal. I advise against Midnight Parcheesi playing if you sleep poorly as it is wink wink.

Friday was more of the same. Yup you guessed it…HEAT. But it was Friday, which meant the weekend was finally here! The Hubbins and I opted to head to our friends house for a visit. Plus they have central air. We were invited…we did not invite ourselves! I also finally got to play Sentinels of the Multiverse! This is a game that FayMom had been trying to get me to play for ages…the Hubbins too after playing at FayMom’s house (which is where we were). It’s a fun co-op game to play where you all work together to destroy the bad guy/gal. I suggest checking it out.

This morning we ran grown-up errand to the bank. Which is all I will say on the subject for now…but one local bank WILL never be getting my business ever again! The rest of the day will be spent being boring and lazy and I would not have it any other way. Besides a story idea hit me square in the face early this week and I’m planning to let it out today!

I’ll leave you with this for now…

A kitty caught licking her nose.
A kitty caught licking her nose.

Boring post I know…but I’m working on some more interesting things for later this weekend/next week.

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