I’m not very girly…but when I am I’m VERY girly

This is the truth. I feel it stems from always wearing dresses and pink when I was a tiny tot and the hat was a pink bonnet. But I’ve grown up and now the hat is grey and the dresses have mostly been replaced by jeans and tank tops or chunky sweaters and long sleeved t’s, depending on the season.

Sure I wear sandals and all that jazz. Oh and I get my hair and nails did. But that there is maintenance kids, I don’t consider them “girly girl” ways of life. But jewelry…now that’s where we get into girly business. I love jewelry: rings, necklaces, you name it I love it. But as of late I’ve been on a really big bracelet/bangle kick.

I have my Pandora bracelet sure. But that hasn’t been “doing it” for me. So on my recent trip to MA to visit the ever lovely KatyDid I treated myself to not one but TWO bracelets…

Here's one of them...
Here’s one of them…

I thought I had a photo of the other, but I’m apparently derpy and do not. Too bad…trust me it does exist! But I wanted something else, something different. I’ve had my eye on some of those Alex + Ani bangles. But I for some reason heard they were super expensive. Apparently they really aren’t, plus they actually mean something and some of them even go towards charities! Score.

I think they rock with the tattoo I got for my lost babers and awesome niece.
I think they rock with the tattoo I got for my lost babers and awesome niece.

I was going to get one, but picked up two. The Fleur De Lis is for the Hubbins French Canadian roots. Plus it also represents life, perfection, and enlightenment. I don’t know it was like it called to me. So there it is touching the life I lost, but offering me enlightenment and the chance at new life. (Deep I know it surprised me as I typed it too.) The other is the Dragonfly. Picking this one surprised me more than the Fleur De Lis. Why? I’m not a bug person. And dragonfly’s freak me out. No idea why, but they do. But again I was drawn to it. Then I found out what this one symbolizes….living life to the fullest and embracing the journey.

Seems my head and heart were trying to tell me something! Good thing I listened. I love these two pieces. They certainly won’t be my last. I’ve got quite the wish list going! I’ve even selected a few to give to the special women in my life. So yay for pretty much covering Christmas/Birthdays. I also dig that these bangles are recycled metals and all that too.

But they make me feel really girly and I guess that’s just something I’ll have to love with and like!

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  1. I love being a little girly when the occasion allows. I have a few necklaces I adore wearing but my girlyness comes with colored pants and the flowy tops while I work!!

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