“I can’t feel my legs… Keyser.” {And other things I did today}

Name the movie…

I found that a fitting title for tonights post seeing as I just logged 3+ miles riding my Frankenbike while the Hubbins ran the same miles and then some with me. I’m not a runner. I wish I was. But I prefer to ride. Which I might add was not an easy task for someone who hasn’t done jack in well over three months. To say I’m proud of myself is an understatement. I’m super impressed here people. And I never want to do it again…just kidding. I enjoyed it a lot. I hope to be able to do it Friday afternoon too.

Better yet I’d love to get a little light trail walking/hiking in this weekend. A few of us are doing the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in September and I’d like to not slow the group down when we do it. Also question for all of you fantastic subscribing people….should I invest in hiking boots? I’m pretty sure I should…my ankles are teh suck. I can totally see me being the one to break/sprain one or both while on said adventure.

I other news I have been super active on Twitter as of late. If you happen to be on Twitter please give me a follow @GalInTheGreyHat, I usually will follow back. Unless of course I go to look at your profile and see that you have a clearly fake photo, no tweets, and a non Vine link in your profile…because that makes you spam. So there’s that.

Let’s see…it’s Wednesday, which means the week is almost over. It also means that it is also “hump” day. So yeah, do with that what you will…

Oh it is also…wait for it…I smile at everyone starting today and I did. My face hurts I smiled so much. But you know what happened? People smiled back! It was a little weird the first time, but then it got easier. So much so that I thought people might think I was weird….well, weirder than I already am. I even stopped into Starbucks on my lunch to treat myself to a iced Chai Tea Latte and found the place SWARMING with folks on the last day of the NYS Bar Exam. So I thought what the heck wish someone in line with a green band “good luck”, and when I did the guy brightened up, smiled and said thank you! I felt good.

Tell me...does that look like it spells Courtney to you?
Tell me…does that look like it spells Courtney to you? I didn’t think so!

Now don’t worry this doesn’t mean I’ll be locking the sarcastic side of me away for good. England would fall people. Well, something would happen I’m sure, maybe not as serious as a whole country falling. But I can dream right? Seriously, ten seconds after I wished the guy good luck I was mentally judging half the people in line or waiting for their drinks. I’m a work in progress people…plus the sarcasm gene is strong in my family. My grandmother has it, my mother has it, I have it…. (I think we all see where this is going…)

Anyway…I should probably freshen up and then eat everything in the fridge. That ride has made me super hungry. Trust me there is nothing worse than a hangry Gal in the Grey Hat!

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4 thoughts on ““I can’t feel my legs… Keyser.” {And other things I did today}”

  1. What size do you wear? I have a nice pair that I’m less keen on since I prefer minimalists strongly – they are LLBean 7.5’s 🙂

      1. Maybe… or maybe I’m looking for a good excuse to get the new ones I want and this would make me feel better about it…lol

        If you guys are looking to do something active this weekend, let us know – we’ve been talking about possibly doing one of the easier hikes out Green Mountain way (~1hr or so out).

      2. Yep, we’ve had this conversation before. At your house, game night ages ago. But I know what you mean.

        It might rain this weekend according to my Hubbins the weather man….but yeah we’ll keep in touch. I really need to prep for this adventure!

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