What if… {O.o}

…all of you so called “normal” people are really the crazy ones?

Ty and I want you to ponder this. Ok he wants a nap, but whatever!
Ty and I want you to ponder this. Ok he wants a nap, but whatever!

These are the things I wonder about at 4:19pm on a Friday.

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2 thoughts on “What if… {O.o}”

  1. Statistically, one in four people has a mental disorder of some type. This could be the “crazy” you are thinking of, or as simple as not being able to pay attention to…SQUIRREL! Having pondered the same question, that would mean that 1/4 of the population of the planet is, in fact, “crazy.” 1/4 is an awfully high number not to qualify as “normal.” Then you have to think about what is, in fact, “normal.” Is normal growing up in a house? An apartment? The city? The suburbs? A farm? On a specific continent, speaking a specific language, being a specific race, having a specific eye color, accent, physical dis/ability, mental in/capability, god/less, talent/less, money/less, home/less, food/less, water/less, nutrition/less, habitat/less, society/less, cultural/less, degree/less…and eventually I came to the conclusion that to someone, somewhere, you, or you, or you, are, in fact, not normal. Every single person on this planet is crazy, and 3/4 of them are either undiagnosed or in denial of it, but by labeling 1/4 of the population, it allows them to be able to cope and hope that maybe, just maybe…they’re wrong. So altogether, we are simultaneously all crazy…and that is completely normal.

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