It’s not the most wonderful time of the year…if you happen to be a cat

Sure I was up until 1am today…but I slept in till about 8am-ish. Why not later? Well, today was that magical time that happens for our cats but once a year if we’re lucky….Vet Visit Day! Yours truly served as master wrangler of the cats. I lured them all out onto the enclosed porch for treats while the Hubbins brought up the rear and closed the door behind them. Leaving me to get each into their bags…not so easy. Well, Ty practically walked himself into his. But Allie and Georgia put up quite the fuss. But I did it myself…I’m pawesome.

Only two of our cats found this a little unnerving. Those being Allie and Georgia, who ran for the door only to find their escape method gone. Allow me to go back a day with what I have discovered with our cats….they’re characters from The Wizard of Oz.

Ty is our Scarecrow or Scarecat…if he only had a brain. This cat is the BIGGEST sucker in the bunch. He is easily trapped under laundry baskets, given his meds hidden in cheese, and even picked up and placed in his carrier.

Allie is our Tin Man er Woman I mean Tin Cat….if she only had a heart. She’s kind of a little witch. Also a BIG whiner. About EVERYTHING…picking her up, petting her, the list goes on. But she is the least lovey of our cats, unless it happens to be on her terms.

Which leaves Georgia our Cowardly Lion or Cowardly Kitty…if she only had the nerve. Seriously this cat is scared of life at times. She’s gotten better with the Hubbins and I. But there are times when even we pick her up that the tail goes right between the legs and the ears go back in clear terror. Cats are weird.

I love our Vet for many reasons including the ‘We Welcome Our Friends Today’ Sign that welcomes you at the front desk…

D'awwww there they are at the bottom.
D’awwww there they are at the bottom.

We arrived at the Vet just in time. In fact we were early as they had to put us in the “Dog Room” for a bit. Once in the “Cat Room” the Vet Tech comes in to get their weights as we wait for the best thing about our Vet, the Vet. Dr. Burns is seriously an animal whisperer. He takes his time with each of our cats and in turn each of our cats turns to putty in his hands.

All our cats got a clean bill of health and a suggestion for cat food to mix in with their current brand of cat food. Which will help everyone with their issue… Science Diet Hairball Control Lite. For Ty it will help with the vomit issue. For Allie, well she’s a little gassy and appurrently can’t get rid of it…she’s a lady people. And for Georgia…the fiber with help with her need to NOT scoot on my carpets. Yeah she had the extra bonus of getting her glands cleaned up.

Ty cares not, Allie cares a little, and Georgia is hiding deep in her carrier.
Ty cares not, Allie cares a little, and Georgia is hiding deep in her carrier.

A little under an hour later and a little over $300 lighter (these cats needs to get jobs) we’re on our way home. Added bonus to this trip…Allie opted NOT to puke all over her carrier or herself on the way to or from the Vet. Progress! To show them how much I love them they also got to share a can of the good wet food when we got home. So I think they forgive me for their once a year trip.

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