A Royal Taji Safari {@royalteaofkenya} Tea Review

I ended up with this particular tea sample after a Twitter conversation that began with talk of a baby. A Royal baby to be exact, His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. He was the talk of twitter for the better part of MY birthday week. But he’s adorable so I’ll let that slide. Anyway Joy of Royal Tea of Kenya offered me a sample of Royal Taji Safari. Stupid me said… “I think I’d tried that”, I hadn’t…it was a brand new tea to commemorate the birth of the third in line to the throne. I had been thinking of Royal Golden Safari which I have had a few times. Taji means “crown” in Swahili.

Either way Joy was happy to send me a generous sample of this new tea. Naturally I was so excited to try it I made it at work the day after I got it. Which meant I didn’t have more than a t-sac filter bag and water from the hot water spout of the water cooler. Not the best way to brew any tea unless it comes in a bag. I still found the tea to be yummy, but I wanted to give it a proper brewing at home. I was finally able to do that this afternoon.


The dry leaf smells VERY malty and a little like hops too. It really reminds me of when the Hubbins begins the process of brewing his beer. A process I love because I can no longer enjoy real beer due to the whole gluten issue. But I love to help with the beer making process. So it is always quite the treat when I a get a tea that reminds me so much of the smell of beer. I even asked the Hubbins to smell the dry tea and tell me what he thought. His response was “BEER!”. Excellent.

I set the kettle to the 200 degree setting and waited for it to be ready to pour over the tea. It certainly took long enough…I am not a patient person when it comes to my tea. But I’m learning. Once the water was ready I poured it over the tea and waited about three minutes. I was guessing as their wasn’t a steeping time suggested for this tea. Which is fine as I’ve had other tea from this company and three minutes is usually the magic number.

After steeping.
After steeping. I should have turned on the flash!

My tea was finally ready to sip and enjoy! The malt and hoppy notes were still very present as I took a sniff of this tea. So much so that the Hubbins thinks this could make an excellent tea beer. I was not game enough to try it. I’ll get him to one of these day. Even the taste had those hints of malt and hops I had hoped it would. There is even a slight hint of honey on the finish. This is a strong tea that packs quite the bite! Which will make it a great breakfast/day starting tea.

Check out the color of the tea!
Check out the color of the tea!

The color of the liquid was awesome. A lovely burnt orange color. I like that, plus I’m not getting any bitter taste to it as it cools. Instead I’m getting more honey! I’m just glad I finally had time this afternoon to sit and sip this one. While I did our cats snoozed and I chatted with the Hubbins as he worked on his latest paracord project. A perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon if you ask me.

So if you happen to be interested in this tea there are  a few ways you can get your hands on it. If you are a retailer…you can call Royal Tea of Kenya. If you aren’t a retailer don’t worry I know a few places where you can get your hands on this tea and some of their other tea offerings. I see that Stylin’ Tea Blends (East coast) has this tea in stock. They also carry several other Royal Tea of Kenya blends. You can also pick up teas from Royal Teas of Kenya from Phoenix Tea on the West coast or Butiki Teas here on the East coast. There are probably other online retailers out there, but these are the two I know carry Royal Tea of Kenya teas. Check them out.

My thanks to Joy for sending me a sample of this new tea from her company. Oddly enough I had picked up Grandpa’s Anytime tea and Royal Golden Safari not long after our chat. Happy sipping folks.


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