Capital Region Gluten Free

Many of you know this, but I’m sure many of you don’t. I don’t eat gluten anymore.

In 2011 ago my Dad was diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease. Which has to do with your body not being able to process gluten properly. I’ve had the blood test for it (negative every other time I’ve had it done), but I’m holding out on the true test, the endoscopy for obvious reasons.

It has only been in the last year that I’ve really tried to be completely gluten free. Sometimes I cheat, it happens. Plus products with gluten: beer, bread, battered things that taste awesome! But I’ve been really good this year. Upside, no more tummy trouble or migraines (they are coming back a little, but I think its a weather thing). Downside no real bread, beer, or battered things that taste awesome.

Sure I’ve found good substitutes. But they come at a high cost at the market. But my biggest trouble has been trying to find places to eat out at in the area. I’ve found a few good places and now and again I’ll be posting about them. Just look for the category tag: Capital Region Gluten Free for those posts. If you know of any local spots I should check out let me know!

As usual…here’s a cat picture for your Saturday night.

Sleeping in the sunlight while momma works.
Sleeping in the sunlight while momma works.

With any luck I can convince the Hubbins to check out a place tomorrow morning for breakfast!

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