Look out Betty Crocker…I’m coming for YOU!

The Hubbins and I got off to a little bit of a late start this morning. We were hoping to be out the door by 9/9:30, which turned into more like 10am.  But we managed and got to a local diner and enjoyed our eats. A glass of oj and breakfast sammich for him and coffee and a swiss cheese/bacon omelette with a side of bacon for me. I try not to drink coffee, but it seems lipton tea has gluten in it…at least the ice tea does…so I wasn’t taking any chances. Plus bagged tea is a no no for me.

After breakfast we braved the market. Hey we were out, why not right? Turns out it was busy but it wasn’t so busy that we were sorry we went. Typically we are 9pm market goers. But the early shopping proved pretty beneficial as I got right to cooking as soon as everything was put away. What did I make you ask? Two very tasty gluten free treats.

GF Glazed Cinnamon Bites

Cinnamon Bites

1 Box Betty Crocker gluten free yellow cake mix.

4 Large Eggs

3/4 tbsp Canola Oil

1/2 cup sugar

1 1/2 tbsp Sour Cream


1/4 cup Brown Sugar

2 tsps Cinnamon

Bake at 350F for suggested time on the cake mix box (18-23 minutes)

The result?

Oh myyy....so good!
Oh myyy….so good!

I may have had four already! But there are still 14 waiting to be nommed upon. I’m thinking perfect bite in the morning with a cup of tea…IF I can actually get up when my alarm goes off.

Once these were glazed and cooling on the rack I started on dessert and realized too late that I had screwed this one up royally. Good news it still tasted good.

Gluten Free Dirt Dessert

3 packages of vanilla pudding

6 cups of Milk

1 package of gluten free Oreos (I use Glutino) – throw them in the food processor until they are pretty fine

So where did I go wrong? I COOKED the pudding! Turns out you really just needed to whisk the uncooked cook and serve pudding with the milk and set it aside for 5 minutes. Clearly I should look up directions before I start things. Eh good news is it still tastes awesome and I know what to do the next time I make this little treat. I also need to find better gluten free Fake Oreos…these did not keep it together well after a brief run in the food processor.

This was what was left over...and it was good. So WIN!
This was what was left over…and it was good. So WIN!

I figured out something was wrong when the color of the pudding was more traditional vanilla, the dirt pudding color should be more white. Whoopsie! Now I know and knowing is half the battle! Not bad for my first attempts at these two treats. I can tell you it won’t be the last time I make them. They were super easy to make, clean-up, and of course EAT!

Enjoy kids and let me know if you try these or any of my other gluten free eats!

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