Rainy night posting

We knew it was supposed to rain here. But you’d think huge buckets of water were being dumped from the sky the way it sounds outside. So thankfully I’m all cozied up here in the house about to dive into one of the four books I’ve got going. Which I think I’m going to have to cut down to one. Oddly enough it feels like too much pressure and the only books that should make you feel like that is college required reading. So I’m cutting it down to one. Which one? I don’t know…MYSTERY!!

In other news an Amazon.com delivery turned up at my door…damn you PRIME and your fast shipping ways! I ordered a Ghost and Spirits Tarot Deck and a Moleskine “reporter style” notebook. It was not as large as I had hoped it would be…sigh.

But you might be thinking… “Wait a tick, go back to the tarot card bit, please” …fine. See last week I donated money to a Kickstarter project – The Amanda Palmer Tarot (by the way this project funded in 14hrs! And you can still get a deck) because I enjoy Amanda Palmer’s music and I also miss placed lost my first and only deck. Where? Somewhere between college and moving home. But it still may turn up. So why buy a new deck when I’m getting the AFP one? Simple that one won’t arrive until Feb. 2014! I wanted to get back into doing readings in the meantime.


This is a really pretty deck and I still recalled how to do a reading, just not what all the cards meant. So this will be fun! Don’t worry I’m not going to bust out a crystal ball, tapestries, and the like. Because I don’t have them. Think of the fun I could have with the kids at Halloween! Could be fun.

So I’m going to choose a book and banish the others back to the TBR pile AGAIN. Then a bit of tea and said book. I call that a pretty purrfect night. Enjoy the evening wherever you are.

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