“There is a FINE line between Red and Ronald McDonald”

Tonight after work we were off to the hair salon. I had been looking forward to this for a good long while. Because cats and kittens tonight was the night I was going red again. No new style as I’m really TRYING to let it grow out a little bit. But first we totally thought we’d have time to pop off to the mall to pick up my ring that took far too long to come in…thanks Pandora!

Pretty new bling!
Pretty new bling!

Then of course we hit traffic! Because why wouldn’t we? I mean we only had 35 minutes to get to where we needed to be…lucky for us we were only 10 minutes late and the last clients of the night. Plus I had thought enough to call ahead and mention we were running a little late. Let me tell ya folks this goes a long way!

I got to go first, because really how long does it take to cut a dudes hair? Not long at all. This was me for 25 minutes.

Did I mention they were 25 very itchy minutes. But thanks to a good comb I lived.
Did I mention they were 25 very itchy minutes. But thanks to a good comb I lived.

Then it was the Hubbins turn to trim his hairs. They were getting a little long and even annoying to me and it wasn’t even my hair! He started getting his hair cut five minutes after my color was on and by the time he was done I still had time to get the old eyebrows taken care of. Looking like my brother is not a good look for me. I love him, but no. The result of my newly colored do?

Trust me there's red in there.
Trust me there’s red in there.

What we learned from this is that we can go a shade lighter on the red. To make the red really pop. But seeing as this was a new color to my hair and a new line of color at the salon we didn’t want to push our luck. I love it.

See RED!
See RED!

Now of course the trick will be can I style it the way she did tonight? Probably not. It usually takes me a few days to get used to the slight change in style and the added body that coloring my hair gives me. Next month highlights!

I will tell you this if I still had my own business I probably would have been a little more free and easy with a funky red color. But I work in an office and I’m sure a naturally occurring shade is looked at in a more favorable light.

Many thanks as always to my fantastic stylist Michelle! You knocked this one out of the park!

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6 thoughts on ““There is a FINE line between Red and Ronald McDonald””

  1. What a lovely shade of red! It really looks good with your complexion. And the styling is great, too. I can never get my hair to look like how the stylist does when they send me off on my own. Even with months of practice I can make my hair look decent, but nothing like what I was expecting after that first day of fresh hair.

    Hellcat Vintage

    1. Well, thank you! I think we might try a level lighter the next time. But we shall see. I’m glad to see I’m not alone in the “why can’t I make it look like he/she did!?” camp.

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