You ponder one little question and ignite quite the “fire”

Today I threw this question out to the Twitterverse:

Simple right?
Simple right?

As you can see one little question sparked 14 retweets and 34 Twitter folks who liked the idea. In fact my first response came from Neil Gaiman! But by the time I thought enough to photo it…well, it looked like this…

There he is...second one in.
There he is…second one in.

But the question caused a spark, while lead to a fire that spread through my mention feed thing. By the end of it a few of us made a plan to contact the folks who put together the AFP Tarot Kickstarter! The internets are a powerful tool kids. Will this idea go anywhere? I don’t know.

I’ll tell you this. Even if it doesn’t I made some very amazing Twitter friends today and for that I’m very grateful. Trust me I’ll keep you all posted on if this takes off or not. I would love it to become something. Mostly because a project like this brings people together in a great way…working together for a common goal.


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