Happy Birthday Angel Baby

I know I’ve been lacking in posting for a few days. I was busy with family things and tired from work. But I couldn’t miss this day. It might seem odd to do to some of you, but for me it helps the healing process. Sadly I have two more to remember in 2014. 

On this day a year ago I was due with our first baby. Now I know he or she could have been early or late…but we’ll call this the date to keep things simple. 

Dear Angel Baby,

Today would have been your first birthday. I can only imagine what a year of firsts would have been like with you….no sleep for momma or daddy, you crawling, talking, maybe even walking, tormenting your fur siblings, and so much more…

Even though I never saw your sweet face or had the chance to hold you close I still wanted to wish you a very happy 1st birthday angel baby. I’m sure cousin D, Grammy, Pop, and the rest of the family up there are showing you a good time.

(Source: www.lindsayliving.com )
(Source: http://www.lindsayliving.com )

Love, Mommy

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