That was yesterday, this is today…

Yesterday I talked about boobs. To be more specific (it turns out) the left boob belonging to Amanda Palmer and my own left boob. Lots of people liked it and a few (500+) of you read it. Thanks. I even got some interesting comments from friends including on suggestion that I rebrand myself as the Gal in the Grey Bra. Sorry to say, but that isn’t happening anytime soon. Mostly because I just got this sweet new logo AND I don’t own a grey bra. Ha!

Today I’m back to more normal crap that happened to me today. Which mostly involved difficult clients at work, an amazing lunch, and a trip to Target for some camping chairs. There we were (the Hubbins and I) in the “outdoor” section of Target lining up chairs and sitting in them. You know to test them out. I felt a little like Goldilocks – minus the bears. We got a few looks from the swarm of back to school shoppers. But in the end found some comfy and cheap-ish chairs for the new fire pit the Hubbins picked up last weekend.

No photos we were trying not to cause a scene…sorry kids. Honestly sometimes I only add photos so I can pin these to Pinterest.  But sometimes the pictures have something to do with the post. Like this one….

Oh my hello Fall in my mouth!
Oh my hello Fall in my mouth!

Sorry the picture is blurry. I am not left handed and should not have attempted to take a photo with said hand. But the Fall cider is here and if Fall had a true taste – this would be it. Forget apples and pumpkin…THIS IS IT. End of story. Thanks for playing. The trick will be not to drink all six of them in one night.

Ty’s medicine also arrived today. Our poor Senior cat takes thyroid meds for his overactive thyroid. Well, today PetMeds sent us his meds with a new little “treat” in the box. Usually we get catnip. Hello the meds are for a cat. But today, today we got a dog bone. Oh yeah you read that right. So my Hubbins put it on the floor and Ty and Allie sniffed it. Then wandered off. I was opening my cider when I heard something moving on the floor and another noise. I grabbed my phone in time to snag this…


Yes, that would be Georgia. Yes, she was licking the DOG bone and trying to gnaw on it! We have weird cats. Not much more I can say about them than that!

Tonight I hope the weather holds long enough to start a fire in the fire pit. I haven’t been able to sit out there yet and I’ve been dying to get the chance. Fingers crossed. Oh and I promise someday soon I’ll talk about the day at the track….maybe.



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