The Hubbins and I finally watched ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’ tonight. I know we are SERIOUSLY behind in our Doctor Who viewing. But we like to take our time and enjoy each episode. What can I say? Ok, fine we don’t have cable and must wait on Netflix and/or Amazon Prime.

What I can say about the episode is summed up in the title of this post.

This man ruins lives.
This man ruins lives.

Seriously I was crying like the girl I am when the episode was over. BUT I look over to see my husband was too. Nice Moffat, real nice. Making two gown adults cry like that.  I can’t tell you the last time he made me cry like a little girl. Oh wait…

Right, now where did I put my shock blanket?
Right, now where did I put my shock blanket?

Anywho, it was a lovely episode. I suggest watching if you haven’t.

I was hoping to write more today, but my neck/shoulder seem to have quite the knot in them and are not making me want to sit and type for long periods of time. Which sucks as I have a lovely post that came out of a Tweet along last night.

Which reminds me…I guess some people don’t like it when you participate in a tweet along of a movie or show. Turns out they unfollow you because of it. Well, last night I let it feel my anxiety monster. Tonight I realize I’m better off. So yay for me and for all the cool kids who stuck with me after said tweet along! You people are the best!

Hopefully I can sit a little longer to get this post hammered out. You know while it’s still fresh in my brain.


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2 thoughts on “MOFFAAATTT!!”

  1. OMG…that episode…I cried so hard when I first watched it and its coming up on my queue again soon, so the tissues will be ready. This was actually one of the first episodes of Doctor Who I had seen but it is so moving that it didn’t really matter that I wasn’t completely invested in these character’s lives (although I am now and I know that will make it harder to watch the second time around).

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