‘The Private Life of BBC Sherlock Holmes’ {#WilderHolmes}

Saturday night there was a tweet-along to Billy Wilder’s ‘The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes’. It was awesome. Apparently so awesome that my tweeting (it was a tweet along) pissed someone off enough to unfollow me. Go me? Anyway, what we discovered was that there were many similarities between Wilder’s Sherlock and the Sherlock born from Moffat and Gastiss. I’m sure they’ve even mentioned their Sherlock was a bit based off the Wilder Sherlock. But I can’t seem to find it now. If you come across it…do let me know.

Let’s take this episode by episode shall we? Warning…if you have not seen either TV show or movie….you should stop now.

No seriously, right now!

You’ve been warned.

Season 1:

A Study in Pink:

In this episode Sherlock and John are on the case to find out who killed the woman in pink. Everything about this woman is pink, jacket, shoes, nails, even her missing pink case. Which Sherlock finds dumped in a trash bin not far from where the body was found. Meanwhile in the Wilder film a woman with apparent amnesia is dropped at the home of our dear detective. Missing her luggage!

Which Sherlock manages to find as the luggage ticket number has worn of on the ladies hand. Guess what she wears?


Oh you clever boys!

The Blind Banker

The only thing that seems to have been pulled from this episode is that a band of missing circus performer have gone missing…The Tumbling Picke-somethings. Which is as close to Chinese acrobats as we’re going to get here kids.

The Great Game

No Moriarty in this film at all. But there is a line in the movie about Holmes not filling himself up with useless knowledge…you know about things like the Solar System. Plus in our Wilder film John takes the sofa rather than the lie-low while our Wilder Woman takes his bed.

Season 2:

A Scandal in Belgravia

Now here is where we hit PAY DIRT! We have a WOMAN, trying to get the better of Holmes and Watson, but mostly Holmes. Much like Ms. Adler in the Belgravia episode. Plus when our Wilder Woman really meets Sherlock it looks a little something like this:

While you can't tell it here, she is def.  in her "battle dress".
While you can’t tell it here, she is def. in her “battle dress”.
Very much like Ms. Adler is here...with Holmes.
Very much like Ms. Adler is here…with Holmes.

But we don’t stop there people…oh no, no we don’t. There are little things like Sherlock being a total jerk to Watson. There’s also a bit where our Wilder Woman tells Watson she knows he doesn’t like her very much. Sound familiar? It should. Irene said basically the same thing to Watson when she turned up “not” dead.

Hey Mycroft...nice office. I'm sure I've seen it before...
Hey Mycroft…nice office. I’m sure I’ve seen it before…

Note the long table, chair, and suits of armor there…now where have I seen that….


EVEN the furniture…come on guys… Honestly those of us watching were starting to wonder if Moffat and Gatiss pulled anything as their own. Even our Wilder Woman is killed by a fire squad. Ok, fine Sherlock DID save Irene, but still….

The whole episode seems practically torn from this movie. Hell when our Wilder Woman kisses Sherlock on the cheek he even tells her it wasn’t necessary . I’m pretty sure our BBC Holmes said the same thing…

The Hounds of Baskerville

In the movie it was just a mention…but damn there were a lot of sheep in this movie. But really that’s pretty much where it ends.

The Reichenbach Fall

I’ve got nothing.

There was so much more. The only thing I can suggest if you want to get in on the fun is to join us on another tweet along. Follow @Sherlock_DC on Twitter to join us next time.


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