The Common Place Book {and why I keep one}

Last week the Hubbins sent me the following link to this post. I suggest you go read it and the follow-up post. Go on I’ll wait. He thought I’d find it interesting. Oddly enough I’d actually seen the post before he mentioned it to me. Plus I’ve also been keeping a common place book (CPB) for some time now.

In fact I have several. Why? The simple reason is I misplace them. True story, we moved. I packed all my things…and some I packed a little too well it would seem. So somewhere in the boxes still to be unpacked are two or three commonplace books. Finding them will be a real treat to see what I was thinking about or forgot about because I didn’t have the book.

While I know there are sites like Evernote and Pinterest (I do use Pinterest sure), I still prefer to actually WRITE things down. Heck I even keep an actual day planner too. Sure I have a smart phone that could do all these things for me. But sometimes the “old” ways are better. Plus with pen and paper there’s no getting distracted by email noises or Facebook. Theres just me, the pen and paper.

So what do I keep in my commonplace books? Well, it depends on the book. Yes, I do have a few I’ve found. I use Moleskine to write in. All my CPB’s are, I just like the quality of the books. They really stand up to what I put them through. The larger style I use for story outlines/ideas. I have three story ideas going in one book at the moment.

I just picked these two up yesterday.
I just picked these two up yesterday.

I’m not sure what I’ll use them for. But I like to have at least two on hand…you never know when you’ll need one! I also picked up a replacement CPB for my purse.

I love that there are more colors these days.
I love that there are more colors these days.

The funny thing is story ideas may turn up in this book only to get transferred to the larger book later. But that’s ok too. The way I see it, there is no wrong way to keep a common place book! Sure you can keep one online, like I said I like Pinterest. But for me there’s just something about keeping little notes the old fashioned way.

Do you keep a common place book? If so what do you keep in it?

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  1. Thanks for the links! I read the original article but I didn’t see the follow-up. I might just have to start one too. We should do a stationery swap!

  2. i have been doing this for most of my life, though didn’t know there was a name for it. like you, i enjoy the moleskin, have one i keep in my purse for thoughts, notes and ideas. also have a bigger book that i keep in a cigar box with notes and ideas for writing and using later. thanks for the link too, he had some great ideas as well.

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