Talk about poetic licensing {Orange is the New Black}

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For a few weeks many a friend had been going on and on about this show, Orange is the New Black, on Netflix. Now I’d tried to get into Netflix shows before…Hemlock Grove anyone? Fine maybe it isn’t a bad show, but I for one couldn’t get into it. Which was why I was a little leery to try out OitNB. But I bit the bullet and watched the first episode…which quickly lead to two more episodes and 2am!

But I quickly pumped the breaks when I found out it was a book first. I had to get the book and read it before I watched anymore of the show. I HAD TO DO IT. I always try to read the book before the movie or show. So I ordered it from Amazon and started reading and you know what happened??

Read, read, read the book...
Read, read, read the book…

I tossed a bookmark in it and BINGED on the last few episodes of the show in two days!

This cast is amazing.
This cast is amazing.

I found there to be very little shared between the book and show. Save the main character and where she was incarcerated. It pretty much ended there. The book made prison time seems like flowers and rainbows, while the show makes me want to stay as far away from prison as humanly possible. Was I disappointed in the book? Yup. I even see that Piper Kerman is listed as a writer and consultant for the show…really? Sigh…

DO I know that the show is supposed to be funny/realistic/a dram/etc. Indeed. But honestly this is one time I actually prefer the show to the book. The show was gross at times and certainly pushed the envelope several times, but it kept me wanting more (I just kept wanting the book to end). It doesn’t happen often, but this time it did. I really had to force myself to finish this book. It was very dry to me and yes, with a little too much “why me” thrown in for good measure.

Should you read Orange is the New Black? That’s your choice…for me that’s a few hours I will never get back. Meanwhile, bring on Season 2!

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  1. Good to know. I’ve heard a lot of good things about OITNB as a show and I didn’t care for the book, so I was wondering what the deal was. Time to watch it. 🙂

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