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Picture it if you will…Labor Day weekend and no plans at all. So naturally I ask to make plans. I’ve been wanting to check out Northshire Bookstore’s new location in Downtown Saratoga since they opened at the beginning of August. Lucky for me the Hubbins had his own agenda (more on that in another post) and soon we were on our way!

From the outside it looks like a rather small store, but let me tell you looks sure can be deceiving. This place is HUGE.

They have all these funky little places for things upon things.
They have all these funky little places for things upon things. Most of the things are for sale too!

I lost the Hubbins somewhere in the Science Fiction section of the store…he can do that, me I need to keep moving, looking at anything and everything the store has to offer. Of course I did pause long enough to grab a copy of Gail Carriger’s book Soulless.



We follow one another on Twitter but I didn’t put two and two together until that very moment…smooth. I think my exact words were:

“Holy sh*t, I know her!”

“Know her, know her, or Internets/Twitter know her?” Said the Hubbins.

“Anyway…” I then wandered off, with a copy in my hand. (I should have bought the whole set right then! Ahem, as I was saying I was off and walking leaving the Hubbins in my dust. I did get a little turned around in the stationary/small gift section of the store. But I did take note of a very comfy spot to sit, if I felt the need.\

Comfy leather couches!
Comfy leather couches!

I swear it seems like many a bookshop these days doesn’t want you to sit and enjoy a book you may purchase. Instead they offer up hard wooden chairs or none at all. As if to say “buy your book and get out!” But not this store, there was seating tucked away everywhere!

Three purchases in hand now (two new Moleskine journals) and I was on my way to check out the Children & Young Adult section. I was in the mood to pick up something for the niece that would make her put down the Nintendo DS. But I have no idea what 4th graders read. So I did what any Aunt would…looked for a helpful sales person. I found one (I don’t recall her name, but she was PERFECT to work in this section of the store), I told her who I was shopping for and a little about what she did and didn’t like and off she went to “the” book….The Penderwicks on Gardam Street. One of the young ladies in the book is apparently trying to write her own book…which I knew would appeal to the niece right away! She being the budding novelist – who will probably publish before I do…

I naturally added it to the pile. I then asked about books for the younger set. We know a little lady who turns one very soon and I figured books would be best. But I wanted books with a story. Again, my faithful book seller had just the picks for me. I’d show you, but mom and dad might see and that could spoil things just a bit! But I will show you some cool things the upstairs offers their younger visitors….

A working train set! Even I stopped to look - it was cool!
A working train set! Even I stopped to look – it was cool!
Puppets! I kind of wanted to get the one above the dragon…

Once I had my fill and my arms were full I went in search of my Hubbins. Who I found right back where I left him. When he saw my pile of books he simply added his book to it and walked on to explore the rest of the store. I headed in search of a seat! I found it in the New Age/Health/Religion section. Which I might add would be perfect for a small meditation group perhaps…you see it’s a bit sectioned off from the rest of the first floor…

Plus there was another couch!
Plus there was another couch!

It was there I examined my “loot” and knew this would not be a cheap trip. But I was buying books and buying books is a good thing…buying local is even better!

Pay no attention to the children's book if your name begins with a T or J!
Pay no attention to the children’s book if your name begins with a T or J!

If you find yourself in Saratoga I suggest you stop in and explore (can’t make it, visit them online). But don’t blame me if you don’t leave empty-handed!

*Once again I am doing this review on my own…for your benefit dear reader*

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  1. Unfortunately you just don’t get bookshops like this in the UK. I can’t even remember the last time I was in a book shop – I’m so attached to my kindle.

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