Sleep is for the weak… {aka that 5-7pm nap was a BAD idea}

Yeah, I wasn’t going to post anything this weekend. Mostly because I thought I would be in bed by now. Which might have been true if not for that nap from 5pm to 7pm…I guess asking someone ::cough::Hubbins::cough:: to wake me in an hour was the wrong thing to do. Plus King Purr (aka Ty) was super good at singing me the song of his people. He’s sort of a dick like that. But I still love him. So here I sit…sort of wide awake at 11:06pm (as of this typing).

I have a lot to go this week. Most of it involves sending out mail I should have sent a while ago…letters, cards to engaged friends I had for ages (but I’m throwing in a surprise so all good there. I also have tea to share with some tea pals…that is also late. Not being able to drive (thanks eyeballs) sucks when you have all these things you need to do but can’t get there without the help of others.

BUT I did manage to get from Downtown Saratoga to Ballston Spa via the bus without getting lost or having a massive panic attack. I’ll chalk that up to a win in my book. I didn’t get any writing done in Saratoga like I had planned. Why you ask? Every kid from Skidmore took up all the tables in the coffee place I wanted to write in. Ok, maybe not every kid, but it sure seemed like it.

So I wandered instead. My wandering took me into Bettie’s Cakes. She now sells gluten free cupcakes! I knew this when we wandered in last weekend and they were yummy. I picked up a red velvet one this time around. I also had some of her maple bacon ice cream as well as some red velvet ice cream. All I have to say is YUM!

It was too good to share a pic of the actual ice cream...
It was too good to share a pic of the actual ice cream…

I suggest stopping by. I also got to meet “Bettie”…very cool.

Saturday was very full and exciting…which meant today was very low key and quiet. Thankfully. But still no writing was done, unless you count this post. Which you can, but it isn’t book writing. I also got another idea for a different story…thanks a lot Neil Gaiman! I read Volume 1 of his graphic novel series Sandman. It was great and now I have an idea…

I’m also working on something else super secret for now. I’ll let you know when I can share more. But I do have some good news…I’m feeling sleepy. Which is good because this post just ran all over the place. (I’m sort of sorry)

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