Yay lists! I *LOVE* lists!

Actually I HATE lists with a passion. But the current list I am working on is for my doctors appointment tomorrow. I’m finally getting to the Rheumatologist! But that means making lists of current complaints, current meds, past surgeries, past diagnosis, allergies, and family health issues. Yikes!

I called mom first, seeing as she knows AND remembers everything I’ve had or had done to me up until um now. So we enjoyed a little chat while she filled me in on all my past procedures and family ailments. Good times. I think every person I had to list had SOMETHING. Well, except my brother who is apparently perfect in every way. A fact he’s mentioned to me off and on for the last 7 or 8 years. Yes, yes, picture of perfect health he is…he’s lucky he’s my brother….

So I’m hoping to get on the road to some answers starting tomorrow as to why I constantly have joint pain, why high temperatures make me get super tired, and most important…just what was that blood test that came back funny (twice now) to cause me to have this appointment in the first place? The only thing I know is I don’t have Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Stay tuned…and remember…


…at least I hope it isn’t.

I have to have a little fun with things like this or else I’d probably end up crying in the corner while sucking my thumb. I’ll keep you all posted.

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5 thoughts on “Yay lists! I *LOVE* lists!”

  1. Good luck! It’s really useful to have a list like yours and also any questions. I’ve been to a few doctors etc for the last year and still haven’t worked out why my tummy is misbehaving, so don’t expect any miracles, it may be a slow process and you have to be persistent. “Not Lupus” sure is a good start, though!

    1. Well, I’m hoping its not lupus. The only thing I do know is it isn’t RA. But that’s it. I know it’s a process I’m just happy to be starting it…finally. Good luck with the tummy. Have they ruled out Celiacs and Crohnes?

      1. They’re both pretty much ruled out. Have been to dietitian, gastroenterologist etc etc…
        Not RA is very good, though. Hopefully it’s something that can be cured or managed without too much hassle!

  2. I have found it very helpful to keep a list of medication names/doses/frequency/what they treat as well as allergens (penicillin, what have you) in a ICE note in my phone for doctor visits. It may be annoying to update, but a phone tends to be one thing people always have with them now, and In Case of Emergency they will know exactly what is in your system. You could also print out a card for your purse if you prefer, including blood type. The reverse could have “Hubbins” info if something happened to him, and he could have a copy for…”Wiffins?” At any rate, it has proved useful for our family and pets.

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