Exciting news people!

No it isn’t about the doctor. I’m hoping to hear that call soon. Like tomorrow or guess who I’ll be calling Friday?

The news is a few things. The first is the Facebook page is only FOUR likes away from 100! When we hit that magic 100 I will be doing another giveaway! So encourage your friends to take a look and like. Thank you in advance.

The other has to do with a new writing gig. This gig will be reviewing all types of games for Engaged Family Gaming. The site is run by a friend of friends who had an idea to share a means of gaming with the internet. Here you may find game reviews for board games, video games and the like. But you might also find parents asking for advice through gaming. Basically the site is all about how to engage your family in gaming.

I know what you might be thinking… “you don’t have kids”. This is true, but I have the Niece and friends who have kids. Plus I must tell you I am not a Gran Theft Auto gamer girl. I much prefer Lego Harry Potter or Lego anything for the PS3. I’m just not a blood and guts gamer. However, L. A. Noir is FUN! Plus if there’s a board game about something I’ll play it. Sometimes it takes a little prodding. But eventually I’ll play. 

So not only will I be getting to review all types of games. But I might find a few I can play with the Niece. Generally she’ll play anything she can play with us. However, she still doesn’t grasp the concept of co-op play. Which might be an article to work on. So I invite you to check out Engaged Family Gaming. Who knows you just might learn something to share with the young people in your life.

Plus I might have an excuse to load up this bad boy with some fun games. (I owe you a post on this)
Plus I might have an excuse to load up this bad boy with some fun games. (I owe you a post on this)

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