It takes the blood and then gives me the results…

Seriously…I had my blood drawn on the 13th of this month.  I was promised the results by last Friday.  When last Friday came I called the doctors office and was told they were waiting on all the results of my tests to come in as well as blood results from other patients.  Great, but you know I’m going on vacation soon. You know in a week. So it might be nice to have the results and any needed meds BEFORE I go. Hopefully these results will come by tomorrow.

And yes I know it can take a while after all they took 16 vials!

It was not fun times...the vial thingys kept on coming!
It was not fun times…the vial thingys kept on coming! (Not my arm)

I just want to know if I have nothing, or maybe need to up a vitamin or four, or if its something worse.  But here I sit with no results and building anxiety.  I know it isn’t my doctors fault.  Any fault lands on the folks running the blood tests at this point.  But I am proud of myself for not calling today to see where we were with everything.  I’m trying to turn over a new leaf.  Which is working out well for the office staff at the rheumatology office.  Not so much for my anxiety AT ALL.

Sigh…anyway…you’ll know when I know.

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