My bucket list of 43Things {or something}

A friend recently suggested I write about my bucket list.

Who doesn't have a bucket list?
Who doesn’t have a bucket list?


Which reminded me that I lost track of my bucket list.  I had one ages ago on the site 43Things.  But I seem to have forgotten everything to do with that account.  Plus I don’t seem to have the email I think was associated with said account.  Go figure.  So I did the next best thing…I started a new one!

But I had to decide to return to or try out another site?  Well, I opted to try something new…you can find me over on Bucketlist.  I like the way the site works…seems easier to find goals to take on and people to follow who have the same goals/interests.  So you can follow my over there by searching for GalInTheGreyHat.  Some of my current goals:

Publish a novel

Meet Amanda Palmer

Learn to Fence

Travel to England (again)

Travel Coast-to-Coast

Do something scary everyday

Clearly some of these are a little out there.  But that’s what a Bucket List is…fun things you know you can do.  But they should also be things to work towards.  Either way you should have fun with it.  So do you keep a list?  Is it online?  Or do you have a list tucked away in a drawer somewhere?

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4 thoughts on “My bucket list of 43Things {or something}”

  1. I started one, but I have no idea where it is. I’ll have to check out the site, but I wish there was a simple app that could also organize items by level of difficulty. Touring famous landmarks in war zones, for example, would be more difficult than minimizing the amount of junk I live with. Barely.

  2. I don’t have a bucket list. I used to be a devotee of the New Years resolution, but I never accomplished them.

    Also, I tried to follow the link to your bucket list but it didn’t work. 😦

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