That’s a big fat negative

That’s right ALL my tests came back!  Finally!  Top it off they all were….

All of them.
All of them.

Which you know is good…because Lupus or other autoimmune things would seriously suck.  Trust me I know several people dealing with such illnesses and it is NO picnic.  But that still leave me wondering what is the root cause of all this joint pain and fatigue (and more) I’ve had since May 2012??  Looks like we are back at square one.  But I do have a few other “places” I can look.

For example that time I had Lyme Disease.  Did it really get fully out of my system?  Or is it chronic Lyme?  Should the doc have checked for other tick-born stuff?  I’m not trying to make things up here people.  Just find out how I can get rid or or better manage this joint pain business.  Because as the cold weather approaches it is not going to get pleasant.  Just like it was not awesome when we were in the 90’s here for a few weeks this summer.

Stay tuned…the saga continues.

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