Travel Anxiety

This post was actually written last week!  I know I didn’t procrastinate…Aren’t you proud?  Fine I wrote it the night before we left.  But hey it’s not like I wrote the DAY we left.  

I’ve been having major travel anxiety getting ready for this trip.  I mean what if I forget something important I can’t replace while I’m away?  You know like my meds?  Sure I’ve got a list of items to pack and take with me that I’ve checked off at things go into one bag or another…but WHAT IF??  Well, that little “what if” sent me into a frenzy of what I call travel anxiety.

This is pretty much me...good times!
This is pretty much me…(but not really a picture of me)…good times!

I’m fine once we’re on the train and while we are in the air, hell I’m GOLDEN while we’re traveling.  However, I do miss the three fur balls.  But no it’s usually those last two days leading up to said travel were I turn into this really super anxious and crabby person.  More anxious and less crabby.  I’ve tried doing things like making lists, venting on Twitter, etc to try to calm those things.  But it didn’t work.  I was wide awake freaking out until I forced myself to go to bed at 1am.  The night before we left there will be some melatonin on board.

But once we get in the car I’ll be FINE.  It’s weird right?  I don’t get it and I don’t know how to nip it in the bud.  Thoughts? Tips? Tricks?

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3 thoughts on “Travel Anxiety”

  1. anticipation of disaster is always much worse than the event itself. if you forgot anything you either can do without it or replace it if desperately needed – nothing earthshattering will happen if you forgot what was on your list. be less hard on yourself if you can. hope you enjoy your trip )

    1. True, but it is hard for me to relax until we’re on the final leg of the travel to get where we are going. I wish I knew why. We did have fun. Working on the post now.

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