‘Tis GIVEAWAY time once again!

That’s right I promised you all a giveaway IF the Facebook page got over 100 ‘likes’.  Well, it did just before I left on vacation.  So another giveaway it is!


But, in order to enter you have two options.  Good news…if you already ‘liked’ the page on Facebook you are already entered!  Don’t have a Facebook account?  Not to worry.  All you need to do is comment on this post with which of my past 80+ post you liked since I started up this new blog and why you like it.  Of course IF you have liked the FB page you are free to comment and get an extra entry!  Be sure to leave me some means of contacting you!

So what will be in the giveaway?  More of my favorite things.  Possibly including something from Ireland.  Who knows?  I can tell you there will be at least one BIG item like a t-shirt or set of something.  So go on then, get to entering!

Oh and if you live in Canada or say the UK you too can enter.

You have until November 1st to enter!  So hop to it.

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