Black Friday Fun

Happy post turkey coma day!  I tried to stop in at Walmart last night to pick up some much needed over the counter meds and something to kill my nasty canker sores.  Well, let me tell you THAT was a huge mistake!  The place was a zoo and the store was blocked off in odd ways in order to herd people in certain directions.  Odd thing was there were Walmart folks who told me I wasn’t allowed in that area!  What?  So long story short, that trip was a bust.

Today two of my friends and I went out around 11am (friends T and K plus their kids).  Thankfully we went out to stores after the big rushes.  I wasn’t fighting people for items.  I think that’s the dumbest thing on the planet.  We hit up Target and Michaels and after all was said and done I finished shopping for the Hubbins and The Niece!  Plus I may have picked up one or two things for my friends that they failed to notice.  Muahahaha!

So now I’m just sitting back and enjoying a gluten free cider while I check on some other online shopping deals.  I’m telling you I’ve found that online is the way to go.  In fact when we have kids that’s my plan…online all the way IF I can help it.  I hate crowds and I refuse to fight someone over the latest and greatest toy or whatever.  But that’s me.

NO thanks!
NO thanks!

How was your Black Friday?  Did you shop?  Did you get any awesome deals?


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