And now for something completely Sherlock (BBC)

In case you’ve been living under a rock there was a new trailer was launched last week for Series 3.  Have a look I’ll be right here, yelling “I CARE HOW HE DID IT JOHN!!”  A-hem…as you were.

Awesome right?  Ah but that’s not all folks.  There’s more you ask?  Oh yes, yes there is!

Then there were the photos from Series 3 released, like this one…

Come here and let me comfort you.
Come here and let me comfort you.

You can find more photos here.  Be warned there are some potential spoilers in the photos.

Oh and while not TOTALLY Sherlock related – who can forget Benedict Cumberbatch on Jimmy Kimmel reading R. Kelly lyrics?  Yep that happened.

If you need me…I’ll be in my bunk.  As a final reminder before I head off to my bunk, Series 3 airs on January 19, 2014 on PBS – check your local listings.

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