Good News, Bad News

Good news…I called the ortho on Monday morning and had an appointment by that very afternoon!  Yes!  More “good” news.  The ortho thinks I have tendonitis in my hip.  How the heck I got that is anyone’s guess because I am not a runner as the doctor thought.  Well, unless I’m being chased that is!  Plus I got myself a nice cortisone injection which hurt like a mother going in!  But I suspect the needle looked something like this:

Maybe not, but it felt like it!!
Maybe not, but it felt like it!!

I think it might finally be starting to take effect.  At least I hope so, because if it fails, well I”m SOL.  Also there is a LOVELY quarter sized bruise at the injection site.  Cute.

Now for the bad news.  To add to the fun I now need an MRI of my knee.  Doc thinks I may have torn one or both of my menisci.  Awesome!  Because I have time for surgery if I need it.  To which he responded “You won’t have much say in the matter.”  Which I kind of expected.  So that was my Monday, how was yours?

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