MRI Afternoon Snooze

I had the MRI of my knee done this afternoon.  Now I’ve never been a huge fan of having these things done because I’ve always been in one of two kinds.

So claustrophobic!
So claustrophobic!


Always felt like the thing was going to crush me.
Always felt like the thing was going to crush me.

So imagine my surprise (after removing all metal from my person to walk into a room and see this.

Weird right?
Weird right?

What you don’t see is the little stand on the right where I rested my right leg, while the left went into the hole there for the scan.  Also added bonus the seat was missing the extra leg rest area and hardly had enough room for my now slightly larger bum.  I had thought this test would take maybe half an hour.  I was wrong…more like a good 40 to 45 minutes.  But never you fear I spent the time passed out cold.

No I did not take the complimentary ear plugs.  I figured I would be perfectly fine and I was until the nice lady woke me up to inform me I had two painfully long scans to go.  Somehow I still managed to nod back off, which was awesome.  I really wish there was an MRI sound feature on my sleep setting of my alarm clock…seems I find them super soothing!


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2 thoughts on “MRI Afternoon Snooze”

  1. Wow, for having to get an MRI I’d say you’re pretty lucky. When I needed my MRI done I had to use the kind that you’ve shown in the first picture. I had a panic attack, the doctor wouldn’t let me out until I calmed down so I screamed bloody murder and he let me out and then told me that I didn’t really need the MRI, it was just precautionary. Stupid butthead doctor! I’m glad you got the not so scary MRI and had a nice nap. (That’s hysterical, BTW.)

    Oh, and I also wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award over at my blog Hellcat Vintage.

    1. Yes and no. It was SUPER painful to hold my let that still for that long. Well, until I fell asleep that is. I was doing so well until she woke me up for what seemed like an hour. I’m sorry you had such a horrid time of things with the MRI. I felt that way with my first which was in a machine much like the one in the first picture…not cool.

      Thanks for the nomination. I shall get to posting my list asap!

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