Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I don’t often get nominated for much of anything.  Ok there was that one time I was voted most organized in high school.  Gee thanks guys.  However, if you’d seen my locker, well you would totally have seen why!

So Deborah of Hellcat Vintage nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  If you haven’t checked out her website please do.  It is full of great tutorials and other vintage facts and finds.  I enjoy reading through her tips and tricks even if I’m too big a chicken to try any of them out!


The rules of this nomination state that I have to share SEVEN random facts about myself with all of you fine people.  After said facts you can find my seven nominations.  And away we go!

1. I know it might not seem like it, but I find being at big social things super draining and terrifying.  Yes, I am a giant chicken.  Seriously I’d rather sit at home and write a blog post, watch a movie, or read instead of go out to a party or bar or anything with more than 7 people in attendance.  How I got to work everyday is still a mystery to me.


2.  My favorite movies tend to run more toward the action adventure genre.  Chick movies sort of bug me.  Unless it happens to be something like Love Actually or Bridget Jones’s Diary…because British chick flicks are fun and mildly sappy.  For goodness sake give me The Usual Suspects or Die Hard any day!

"I'll flip ya, flip ya for real."
“I’ll flip ya, flip ya for real.”

3.  I have had a massive crush on Alan Rickman since I saw him in Die Hard many moons ago.  I swear I must own almost ever film he’s ever been in well, save Closet Land I think it is.  I swear you cannot get that bad boy anywhere.  I mean I would pay good money to listen to Mr. Rickman read the phone book.  My obsession got so bad that my own mother begged me to crush on someone my own age.  Thank goodness Benedict Cumberbatch came around…

Hello Sweetie!
Hello Sweetie!

4.  I SWORE I would hate the new Sherlock (BBC version) when it first turned up on Netflix.  I mean who the heck did these people think they were?  There was only one Sherlock Holmes and his name was Jeremy Brett, thank you very much!  However, after only one season I found myself a bit of a, pardon the pun, die hard fan.  Yup I’m hooked and awaiting January 19th like woah.  I’m also far too excited to be off the next day so I can stay up late for the show!

Hooked, I tell you!
Hooked, I tell you!

5.  I wanted to be an opthamologist when I was younger.  I also have had 10 eye surgeries between 1982 and 2007!  Which the only cool thing it allows me to say is that I have implants…lens implants.  But at least it sounds cool until you get to the lens bit.  (Oh and I was awake for those two surgeries.)

Of course having all those surgeries sort of axed said career in eyes.
Of course having all those surgeries sort of axed said career in eyes.

6.  I love and I do mean LOVE Broadway Showtunes.  I will sing and or play them more than any other type of music.  Much to the Hubbins complaints!  My favorite song, that my cats love or perhaps think I’m a dying animal…is Send in The Clowns from A Little Night Music.  Oddly enough I have never seen this show!

7.  I’m glad there are seven things I have to list.  Why?  Seven is probably my favorite number.  I’m pretty sure it has something to do with being born in July, the seventh month.  I’m weird what more can I say?

Awesome number right?
Awesome number right?

The following are my seven choices.  I find them all pretty inspiring and YOU should check them out!

1.  Amy from Lucy’s Football

2.  Sj from Book Snobbery – it might just be Snobbery, in which case I’m sorry…

3.  Ashlee Mae from Willfully Disobedient

4.  Jona from Zee Lemons

5.  Beth from I Didn’t Have My Glasses On

6.  Katrina from Tea Pages

7.  Mandy from Mandy Melodies

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6 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

  1. Mmmmmm Alan Rickman! I love me some Snape. HaHaHa I totally get your infatuation, girl! I’m going to be putting Sherlock on my queue because I only hear wonderful things and because the BBC is freakin’ brilliant!

    Hellcat Vintage

  2. Thank you!

    The Usual Suspects is one of my favorite movies! I also love musicals and will sing along (rather loudly) whenever I know the words. I’m especially obnoxious with The Sound of Music. 🙂

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